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How therapy works


What is psychological therapy?

In general, psychological therapy, psychotherapy and talking therapy are different terms for the same thing. The British Psychological Society defines psychotherapy as "the practice of alleviating psychological distress through talking rather than drugs; indeed, it is often referred to as 'talking therapy'."

Dr Justin believes the aim of therapy is to enhance psychological flexibility in the long-term, through



Dr Justin will offer you an initial assessment where you can explain what has been causing you distress. To put your current difficulties in context, you will be asked about other areas of your life (including what is going well) and your background. Together you will discuss how therapy might be helpful to you and talk about what kind of therapy might be appropriate. It can be hard talking to someone new and people sometimes feel embarrassed discussing personal matters. Dr Justin will do his best to put you at ease.

An individual assessment may take one or more sessions. When Dr Justin works with couples he tends to provide a three session couple assessment (read more about the couple assessment).

If  you decide to engage in therapy with Dr Justin, you can agree on an ongoing appointment time that suits you. Appointments usually take place once a week or once every two weeks.

Appointments for individuals are 50 minutes long (longer sessions can be arranged if appropriate) and couple appointments are 80 minutes long (couple sessions can be 50 minutes long however this often feels rushed, not allowing enough time for both people to explore and process what is happening in their relationship).


The first appointment is payable at the time of booking by electronic bank transfer. If you and Dr Justin decide to meet for further sessions, you will be asked to leave a deposit for the cost of one session to protect against cancellation/ postponement/ non-attendance (see below).  If you attend all your appointments the deposit will be credited against your final session.

Cancellation/ postponement/ non-attendance policy  

A postponement/ cancellation and non-attendance policy is in place, with Monday appointments needing to be cancelled by 5pm on the previous Wednesday.  If you do not provide this notice, or do not attend your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit and will be asked to provide a new deposit prior to further appointments.

Health insurance

If you have health insurance you may want to find out if they will cover the costs of clinical psychology sessions.  It is important to know that if you claim the cost of sessions from your health insurance provider, any information that is provided to them, for example a diagnosis, will remain on your health record.

It may be helpful to ask your health insurance provider the following questions


Your privacy and confidentiality

Dr Justin will respect your privacy fully and everything you say to him will be bound by confidentiality.  He will not disclose that you are attending therapy to others without having gained your consent, unless


Diversity and inclusion

Dr Justin aims to provide a non-judgmental service for people regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or any other factor.

Further information

Here are some frequently asked questions about therapy and psychology. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Dr Justin.



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How therapy works

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Everything you say is bound by confidentiality...